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In Russia for iPhone: is it true that in Russia now the cheapest Apple smartphones

The economic crisis has led to the fact that the Russians have much less to spend, causing the sale of gadgets has plummeted. Sellers can not lower the price due to the devaluation of the ruble, but I try at least for a while to fix them, not paying attention to the jumped courses of the dollar and the Euro. In this regard, foreigners who count rates in currency, commodities in Russia seem incredibly cheap. We know, for example, that in the Russian car dealers has sharply increased the number of customers from Belarus. Resource Meduza studied, how much — in dollar terms — it’s cheaper to buy iPhone in Russia.

As it turned out, our country occupies the fifth place in the ranking of the States that sells the cheapest iPhone in the world. For less money you can only buy them in Hong Kong, UAE and Canada. As noted in the study, the price of Apple-communicators in each country is defined separately because it affects not only the exchange rate but also taxes and custom fees.

Cheaper than in Russia, “iPhone” can also be purchased in the United States. But in Germany 6s 16GB will cost one hundred dollars more expensive.

Interestingly, in January, on the initiative of Apple in Russia was sharply reduced price for the iPhone 5s with 16 GB of memory. In online stores the cost of the smartphone fell below 25, 000 and became the lowest in the world, thanks to this sales model has risen significantly even during the crisis.

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Sellers fear that in the near future the price of the iPhone will increase due to the adjustment of the ruble. Judging by indirect signs, and will happen: the trade network ceased to increase the volume of purchases (the ordered machines are delivered to retailers in a month after order, and pay for them at the moment, due to the fall of the ruble — the price may increase significantly).

Russian retailers before the end of this week will start selling a “restored” iPhone 6. The device will cost 39 990 rubles. The fact that the price of these devices is only 1800 rubles lower than new vehicles at the moment, could also mean that Apple plans to soon revise prices of smartphones in Russia.

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