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Time to make a choice: whether to continue a paid subscription to Apple Music?

30 September completed the trial period test the free Apple Music. The public was extremely confused adopted a new streaming service. Users readily used the opportunity to listen to an unlimited number of tracks, and submitting a ticket. Others, however, have ignored even a free trial subscription. Third, not wanting to pay for tons of music, hastened to cancel the extension of paid services. What aspects influenced the choice of users?

Often users complain of overly complex control Apple Music. iOS 9 has brought some positive changes, but the intuitiveness of the ideal was not achieved.

In addition, many complaints on Internet radio Beats 1. The manufacturer was stated the revolutionary service on compile playlists real people. Professionals based on your preferences create their own radio stations, which should be of your liking. However, as stated by journalists 9to5Mac, the service works very poorly. Blame subjective attitude of the staff. Unbiased software algorithm would cope much better.

Continuing the theme preferences, I would like to mention that the application insufficiently thought out interface selection of performers. In Apple believe that users do not want to use the search, but because the service itself will offer musicians. Of course, Apple Music takes time to learn the preferences of the person and grow out of the beta stage. Unfortunately, at the moment to achieve full maturity of the service failed.

However, it is not so bad. The brainchild of Apple has the right to exist for many reasons. The price tag of 169 rubles per month for unlimited music is able to push to buying a ticket, even those who prefer to use torrents. In addition, the service is available not only on mobile devices but on laptops and desktops. Update your desktop iTunes and enjoy unlimited music.

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Deep service integration with iOS allows users to use Siri to select a track. Apple Music recommendations based on your musical preferences, the service draws information from your own library. And it really works. The system offers a listening experience for the performers. Of course, errors are not excluded, but a precise hit to happen more often. Interestingly, the selection depends on the time of day. In the morning, for example, offer a more relaxed music during the day – more rhythmic.

From the foregoing it can be quite a natural conclusion. Apple Music service, not devoid of flaws. However, the cost in $ 169 a month for unlimited listening to music covers all the flaws.

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