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How to disable Apple Music and Connect to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

In June, Apple released a new Apple Music app that offers unlimited access to music for a fixed monthly fee. Part of the new application was a radio station Beats 1 and social network Connect, reminiscent of a failed project Bing. Connect allows you to monitor the classics.

The Apple Music app included with iOS 8.4, includes three components: unlimited access to a music library of Apple music streaming service and social network for artists. First and second are available only to users specified in the settings valid payment details. The social network Connect can be used by everyone: the service allows the performers to share content with students.

Although Apple has forcibly included new services in the standard iOS Music app, users have the opportunity to refuse them. Next in our guide on how to remove Apple Music and Connect with mobile devices from Apple.

How to disable Apple Music in iOS 8.4:

Step 1: Open Settings iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Step 2: Go to Music.

Step 3: Put the switch on the opposite Apple Music in the “Off”position.

Disable Apple Music not will delete the downloaded for offline listening tracks. With the active iCloud photo Library.

How to disable Apple Music Connect on iOS 8.4:

Step 1: go to Settings –> General –> Restrictions.

Step 2: Specify the password to access the section.

Step 3: Click “Enable Restrictions” and enter the password again.

Step 4: Scroll down and turn off the toggle Connection to Connect Apple Music”.

After data manipulation in the Music application will remain only three tabs for “My music”, “Playlists” and “Radio”. The search function will work for local music as well as music in iTunes Radio.

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