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Socratic: an app that solves math problems by using the iPhone’s camera

With the advent of calculators, teachers in schools grabbed his head: now as the children will learn to count? Today teachers have a new headache: modern mobile devices have become so smart that not even require you to enter numbers, it is possible not only to answer but also to explain the solution process.

Rejoice all those who have forgotten math formulas or just didn’t know them. Now, to solve complex equation, don’t need a calculator, the textbook, and even the Internet, and simply download the free app Socratic in the App Store.

The program works as follows: you just take pictures on the camera arithmetic task or a linear equation, and Socratic without your participation multiplies, divides, adds, subtracts and removes the roots, and then the solution with the solution just POPs up on the screen of your iPhone.

“Students can use Socratic to teach math, and parents to check their homework,” say the developers of the application. It supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms.

It should be noted that the Socratic works not only printed characters but also handwritten signs showing the whole algorithm for calculation of equations, so it is suitable for exams.

If you wish, you can view the full, step-by-step solution process. It can help not only to to cheat at homework, but also for understanding the solution process, which is very useful when teaching math.

The app turns learning the game and will surely appeal to students of different ages and with different attitudes to the subject.

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Download Socratic-free at this link.

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