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Tim cook has promised to invest $1 billion in creating jobs in the USA

Apple plans to create a Fund and invest $1 billion in the creation of new jobs in the United States. This was stated by the head of the company Tim cook in an interview with CNBC. Earlier, Donald trump has repeatedly criticized American corporations for lack of production in the country.

“We ask ourselves, how can we make more people in the U.S. were employed in the process of production. And I’m pleased to announce that we are creating the Foundation for the development of technological production. Initially we are putting in $1 billion, cook said. – We announce today.”

According to cook, the first investment will be announced later in may. For these purposes will be created special Fund.

Apple’s CEO stated that the representatives of the Corporation has held consultations with companies that are expected to receive funds from the Fund. What about the firms in question are not specified. The CEO assured that the creation of new jobs in this area will entail the creation of new jobs in other industries. All this, according to cook, will have a lasting positive effect on the economy.

“Many people ask me: “Is the company needs to think about increasing jobs?” And my answer: the company must have a value, so that it is a team. And people should have their importance, so my answer is: the company need to create places for the workers],” said cook.

This step can be interpreted as an attempt by Apple to counter criticism: the majority of the company’s products are manufactured in China or other countries, which causes dissatisfaction.

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The new US President Donald trump during his campaign have repeatedly criticized big corporations for what they brought production capacity abroad and create jobs abroad. His promise was to force companies to change their policies.

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