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American research purposes smashed with a hammer 30 iPhone [video]

Blogger TechRax, known for his mockery of the iPhone, has released a new video, where three dozen Apple-smartphones have undergone a rigorous testing of a hammer. American did not specify, what is the practical meaning of this performance, however, said that makes it “for research purposes”.

On the video titled “Smash them with a hammer 30 iPhone for the sake of science” demonstrates three dozen smartphones iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s TechRax consistently annihilates with a hammer. I must say that not all of the devices were broken with the first strike, although the glass panels of the hull proved to be quite fragile. One instance I had to bash a dozen times to incapacitate him.

That only did not do TechRax iPhone. He made smartphones in Coca-Cola, baked in a microwave oven, tortured grinder, shot in an emphasis from a pistol, was abused with liquid gallium, tried to drown the device into the lava lamp, was heated by using gas-flame burner up to 6,000 degrees, tortured molten metal, crushed stone balls, left overnight in the snow and watermelon jelly, felt hot ice, checked the strength of the mower. Another video quickly became a hit on YouTube, gathering over two days of nearly 400 000 views.

Subscribers bloggers disagree on what they saw. Some believe it is unacceptable to destroy expensive gadgets for fun, while in the world there are many poor and needy people. “You spend money on the phones, which are then destroyed, instead donate them to the starving children!”, outraged users.

The 4-minute mockery of the iPhone you can see in the video below:

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