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Tim cook has entered the TOP 3 list of most influential people according to the version of Vanity Fair

Apple CEO Tim cook was recognized as one of the three most influential people in the world by the magazine Vanity Fair.

Recently the authoritative American magazine devoted to politics, fashion, and other aspects of mass culture, Vanity Fair has published a ranking of the hundred most influential people of our time. In the top 3, in addition to Tim cook became the CEO and founder of online trading company Amazon Jeff Bezos and mark Zuckerberg – the Creator of the popular social network Facebook, which occupy first and second places. At the same time, cook ahead of such famous personalities as co-founder and developer of Google search engine Larry page and founder of Paypal, Rasekh Tesla and Elon Musk.

Tim cook has gone from 11th place in 2016 to 3rd place this year. To achieve such a high figure could cook, thanks to the successes on a post of General Director Apple. Under his leadership, the company’s capitalization amounted to 800 billion dollars. It brought Apple to the title of the world’s first Corporation, the cost of which would soon reach a trillion dollars.

For the first time cook was in the list of the most influential personalities on the version of Vanity Fair in 2011. Then the edition shared fourth place in the rating between him and Joni Aviom, noting that the two of them managed to become the pillars on which rests the Apple after the death of Steve jobs.

“This is not just a directory of the most influential people that affect the field of technology, entertainment, media, business, Finance and politics. This is an indication how the world will look like in the next quarter-century list of personalities that will dictate the future,” notes Vanity Fair.

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