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Apple has found a way of dealing with GrayKey

With the release of iOS 12 to support data transfer via USB, users will have to enter the unlock code iPhone every hour. According to representatives of Apple, it will help to deal with such devices as GrayKey, reports Apple Insider.

Gadgets allows you to choose a passcode for almost any iOS device, became very popular among American intelligence agencies. For example, the company GrayShift created GrayKey is a small device that cost $ 30,000, which will be able to find the right combination of numbers to unlock the iPhone, despite the time constraints Apple — when often enter the wrong password, the retry interval increases with each time and can reach up to several years.

The founders of the company previously worked in the Corporation Tim cook and built a new business on a known security vulnerability. However, it seems that the Apple engineers were able to calculate this problem or find a way to level it.

For password guessing GrayKey may take up to three days. You also need a physical connection to break open the smartphone. Knowing this, Apple has introduced a new condition: no USB accessory is not supported if iPhone was not released in the last hour.

The limitation mode for connections via USB exists in iOS 11. But, first, you can disable it by going to settings; and secondly, to work with external devices the iPhone needs to be unlocked by passcode at least once in the past seven days.

Thus, government agencies remains very little time to get access to the smartphones of suspects.

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This greatly reduces the effectiveness GrayKey and protects users ‘ right to privacy.

At the same time, Apple engineers need to remember that GrayShift not the only company who found a way to find the passcode to the iPhone. So soon, you may see solutions that help to bypass this restriction.

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