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This function of the iPhone 8 will be envied by every user of Android-smartphone

Rumors that the next smartphone Apple will once again become the most innovative got another confirmation. The company has developed a new fingerprint scanner for iPhone 8.

For the first time a fingerprint sensor Touch ID appeared in the smartphone iPhone 5s, which debuted in 2013. After a few years, the vast majority of smartphones on the market equipped with an integrated biometric module. No need to invent and enter the password, and gadgets remain safe.

This year Apple is going to radically change the technology of Touch ID. According to independent experts, a fingerprint scan in iPhone 8 will not be carried out in a certain place, and on the entire surface of the display. As stated by Professor of the University of calgary and an expert on cyber security, Thomas Keenan, this technology will be much more effective than the present. Under the display of the smartphone will fit the special touch layer is able to continuously read the prints.

This allows the iPhone owner not to worry about where you left your smartphone and blocked the gadget. If you attempt to use an unauthorized user, the device will be instantly blocked. In addition, will not need to authenticate when performing certain tasks, for example, while shopping in the App Store or iTunes.

The latest leak is indirectly confirmed by the implementation of this technology. Photos of the front and back of the iPhone 8 confirm that the Touch ID sensor will not move on the rear panel.

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