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The story of how Steve jobs refused to use magnetic passes

The fact that Steve jobs was a complex character, not surprising. Yes, he openly spat on public norms of morals, Yes, he used the Parking spaces for the disabled, Yes, he walked on the lawns and went to the car without numbers. As the adopted son, for a long time, jobs did not communicate and did not even recognize his own daughter Lisa. The list of negative qualities of the founder of Apple is endless. Genius and evil goes hand-in-hand, and the strangeness of jobs is continuing his outstanding abilities.

As said a top Manager of Adobe Arno Gourdol, Steve jobs adamantly refused to carry the magnetic pass Apple. The existence of such maps in the headquarters are critically important: the Central office is divided into insulated from each other zone to which access is blocked by the magnetic doors. This habit CEO brought trouble to the staff.

Moving jobs in corporate campus has always been a problem — the founder of Apple was regularly up against a closed door and demanded entry.

“Steve jobs always had to accompany on campus. He refused to carry a magnetic badge to open doors in different buildings Apple. No one knows why, but apparently he was in a certain logic,” writes Gordol.

About this same habit, jobs told the author of “the Apple Revolution,” Luke DORMEUIL. A certain engineer of the company told him that the lack of magnetic cards for jobs led to the fact that the building is regularly heard loud knocks on the doors and everywhere fled headlong to the aid of employees.

“He was the only person in Apple who got away with it. But jobs didn’t care. He believed that the rules — not for him,” recalls DORMEUIL.

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