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Roskomnadzor saw gay propaganda in the emoticons on iPhone

Certified by Roskomnadzor experts did not find the emoticons on iPhone propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations. This is stated in the expert opinion commissioned by the Russian division of Apple — LLC “Apple Rus”.

The main purpose of the examination, according to the report Apple is to understand if Emoji violate Russian law “On protection of children from information harmful for health and development”, says Izvestia. It prohibits minors to promote the use of narcotic substances, alcohol and tobacco, gambling, prostitution, vagrancy and begging.

According to the report, the analysis was carried out emoticons on iPhone 6. It was necessary due to the fact that “icons Emoji is popular and common language”, they can be used for communications including minors.

For the purposes of the study emoticons divided into categories: people, nature, food & drink, etc. in Any of the groups were not found emoticons that can harm the health and development of the child. In this case the four icons were identified “critical moments in the evaluation”.

In the category “objects and characters” found icon burning cigarette, but consider it a demonstration or Smoking propaganda expert was unable, since “no picture Smoking man”. According to experts, the perception of pictograms depends on the environment — for example, in combination with negative images or text, it “will form a negative attitude to the issue of Smoking”. In addition, a burning cigarette, according to the expert, can be found in everyday visual environment, for example in the designation of designated Smoking areas.

The expert believes that in the category “food & drink” contains images of alcoholic drinks — which implies the conclusion that is drawn to drink — alcohol is not specified. The author of the study, as is the case with a cigarette, could not get these icons to display or promote the use of alcohol. Image of a syringe and pills in the category “objects and characters” to refer to demonstrate the use of narcotic drugs, the expert also did not.

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“In the category “people” there are images of groups of people, adults and children, as different and same sexes. The question arises — can the expert to classify the image data [same-sex couples] to the promotion of non-traditional sexual orientation?” — asks the author of the study. Under propaganda is defined as “the activities of physical and (or) legal entities for the dissemination of information aimed at the formation and creation of installations and (or) behaviours, or to encourage or incite persons, to whom it is addressed, to commit any action or to refrain from acting”.

“As in the case of another language, a thought that will be to Express the user icons, including minors, will depend on the sequence of a set of signs and symbols, and therefore it will acquire a positive or negative connotation. In what sequence will be located in the icons emojis will change the context of utterance, it can be either approval or disapproval of certain concepts and actions,” the expert concludes. So a smiley can not be attributed to the propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.

The examination was also carried out socio-psychological research on how children of different ages perceive Emoji. With parental consent, were interviewed several dozen children up to 5 years, as well as categories “6+”, “12+”, “16+”. The negative impact of emoticons on a physical and psychological condition of the child is not revealed.

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