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The problem with Apple Park, which hides the Apple

10.05.2017 apleapplekot 0 Comments

Apple claims that its new headquarters Apple Park made in the form of a huge spaceship, will be the greenest building in the world. Meanwhile, the experts pointed out the problem, which I forgot to mention in Cupertino. We are talking about Parking for 11,000 cars.

The problem with Apple Park, which hides the Apple

“They will generate a lot of emissions, given that the building is located very far from any public transport,” said Professor of Geology in the University of San Francisco Jason Henderson.

According to the scientist, in Cupertino and surrounding cities to be built more new apartments, which could Lodge the employees of Apple. This would be the simplest solution for reducing car trips and consequently the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.

In addition, emissions reductions can assist you a large number of buses bringing employees from Apple Park to work.

In Apple claim that the new headquarters will be the largest office building in the United States that have received platinum level certification under the LEED system. The campus is powered by 100 percent renewable energy, 75% of which is generate mounted on the roof of the 17‑megawatt solar power plant and 4 MW fuel cells on biogas, also located on campus and is designed to cover base load.

The problem with Apple Park, which hides the Apple

If necessary, Apple Park receives more energy from the solar power plant California Flats Solar Project, which is located in nearby Monterey County. When power consumption is low, for example, at the weekend, the generated renewable energy will be supplied to the company Pacific Gas and Electric for use in the public domain.

More than 80% of the new campus is an open space, planted more than 9,000 drought-resistant trees. Most are oaks, and deciduous and fruit trees. Apple transplanted here old oaks from other parts of California, where they were doomed to destruction.

In order to save water resources in the new campus 75% of industrial water is reused after cleaning for watering gardens and other purposes not requiring drinking water. 95% of materials from demolition of buildings on the site of the future Apple campus, was sent for recycling or used for construction.


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