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The new Opera received the support of the messengers

Opera released a new browser, codenamed Reborn, which is the ability to access the web version of the popular messengers in the program without having to install extensions and apps.

The last few years the popularity of the web versions of messengers has increased significantly. However, switching between tabs to reply to a message until today, it was pretty uncomfortable and tedious. With the release of new browser users get simple and easy access to web versions of messengers directly in Opera.

“Messengers have completely changed our lives, allowing us to work simultaneously, discover and communicate. This social trend has come to us together with the increasing popularity of smartphones as desktops and laptops, being a more powerful multitasking, remained aloof from this phenomenon. We believe that the time has come for change,” said Christian Kolondra, Director of development of Opera.

Now Opera allows you to chat with your friends during the network operation. The new functionality of the browser users will find:

  • Quick access to the web versions of the popular messenger – Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp directly from the sidebar of the browser. Web-version Telegram can be activated after a preset sidebar.
  • Side a tab for messenger, which allows you to simultaneously communicate and surf the world wide web.
  • The ability to pin a tab, messenger for even faster and more convenient communication.
  • The ability to easily share pictures by simply dragging any image from the network to the icon of the messenger.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for fast switching between messengers.
  • Menu button to exit the messenger directly in the browser.

Last year Opera introduced a number of features such as a free VPN and a built-in ad blocker. In early 2017, the company released a concept Opera Neon, in which he shared his vision of what browsing can look like in the future.

One of the innovations was the ability to seamlessly and without any effort to combine work with content and chat with friends. Now this functionality is Neon is presented in the Opera browser Reborn.

Reborn is gradually changing the whole user experience of Opera. In this update besides the new mechanism of messenger users will notice a fresh design, new icons, colors, backgrounds and animation.

The Opera browser is available free for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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