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Telegram launched voice app for Mac and Windows

Telegram announced the launch of voice calls in the test version of the desktop application for Mac, Windows and Linux. This is stated in the official Twitter account of the messenger.

The function of voice calls is now available in the alpha version of Telegram Desktop. In the preliminary version available calls to other users, also you can view information about recent calls, they are displayed in a special tab which you can access from the main menu. Also includes privacy settings for calls.

Telegram launched audio calls via the mobile app at the end of March. This function is based on the same encryption technology that is used in secret chat messenger. During voice calls on the desktop as in the mobile version of Telegram, demonstrate the four Emoji that you can compare with someone to make sure the encryption operation of the messenger.

Device control for input / output of sound in the Telegram for Mac and Windows missing: the call may go through an external sound system when headphones are connected, change this setting the user will not work.

The exact date of the launch of voice calls in the final version, not reported. Download the alpha version of Telegram Desktop is available on the developers website.

Previously it was assumed that the option will become available in April, but later the Creator of the messenger, Pavel Durov told about the transfer in may.

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