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The creators of YotaPhone: “We outperformed the industry by 5-7 years”

“In short, Apple is getting nervous,” joked Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, having received in December 2013. from the hands of the General Director of “Rostec” Chemezov first Russian smartphone YotaPhone. Jokes jokes, but the YotaPhone seems to be the only innovative consumer product from Russia, the creators of which were able to bring it to foreign markets and to build tangible sales. And managed to do it in a relatively short time and much cheaper ($94 million) than expected by traditional marketing schemes.

The secret of success – in an international team of managers and developers of YotaPhone, says CEO and co-owner of Yota Devices Vladislav Martynov. In front of YotaPhone is even more bright future, he said: 30% of Yota Devices for $46.2 million buys a Hong Kong holding company, Rex Global, with the money Yota will be able to accelerate bringing to market a new generation of smartphone YotaPhone 3 and is going next year to sell 1 million units.

In an interview with “Vedomosti” Martynov stressed that the remains of the Russian YotaPhone smartphone, although in the international market, according to him, the concept of the nationality of the product “long gone”.

“The Russian shareholders remains 70% of Yota Devices, and to determine the nationality of the product on the majority investor, the smartphone remains Russian. Develop and conduct phone research and development will be the Russian team. If a couple of years, any Chinese investors will want to increase the share to control, we in China YotaPhone will still be considered Russian: everyone knows that this is the phone that Vladimir Putin gave the President of the state Council of the PRC XI Jinping,” – said Martynov.

According to the head of Yota Devices, companies that are in its line of smartphones with two screens, one of which barely uses the battery at present. And in this competitive advantage of the YotaPhone.

“Second screen is the future. The development of technology in the industry marches towards simplifying complex and effective use of resources. Replaced physical keyboards came sensitive screens, instead of an unused rear panel will be used screens extremely low power consumption. We outperformed the industry by 5-7 years – said Martynov.

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  1. Yotaphone is the best smartphone in functionality and usability, return on Apple products there is no desire. Serdachny screen instead of a dull cover – a really useful and convenient thing

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