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The presenter gave passersby their iPhone views iPhone 7 and listened to the rapture [video]

American TV host Jimmy Kimmel likes to fool Apple fans. Once he was given a cheap Casio watch for a smart Apple Watch and iPhone first generation for the iPhone 6s. At this time, passers-by gave their own devices under the guise of the iPhone 7.

On the evening of the show Kimmel played passers-by in Hollywood, inviting them to test the alleged new Apple smartphone. No new products from Apple wasn’t there.

As the smartphone has not yet appeared in the sale, organizers of the action just shifted heroes iPhone video to other cases and gave them back. It said that the iPhone 7 has a new feature that instantly transfers all the data from phone to phone.

Passers-by noted that the “new” iPhone has become faster. In addition, they were assured that the old pictures superimposed a new filter, which made them better — and some saw it.

Oddly enough, people do not feel surprised that in the memory of supposedly “new” phone are their photos and correspondence. The characters in the movie noted that “new” model is lighter and thinner. The video ends with the heroes offered to buy the “iPhone 7” and many agreed.

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