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Apple has patented wireless charging for iPhone

Wireless charging technology and wireless power sources for a long time remained only at the level of laboratory prototypes, standards, and very few products on the market. Now the situation has changed, and Apple is showing interest in this issue, as evidenced by a new patent application entitled “Use of wireless power in the local environment”. The application was published this week, the Bureau of patents and trademark United States.

Many smartphones and even smartphone accessories, today support wireless charging. the iPhone is not one of them, and in order to charge the gadget from Apple without wires, additional, not the most comfortable and refined accessories. Perhaps Apple does not use wireless charging, simply because working on better technology.

From the description of Apple’s patent implies that the charging station will work on the technology of magnetic induction in the device of the cylindrical form will be embedded electromagnetic coil, whereby energy is supplied to the antenna-receiver smartphone or tablet.

For charging iPhone or iPad will need to be put on the surface of the station. It is expected that the device will also be equipped with two USB-C port for connection to laptop.

Other mobile manufacturers such as Samsung, Nokia and LG for many years produce an inductive charging station. Patent, and the more the application is not a guarantee that Apple will indeed release such a product. Maybe the patent application was filed “just in case” to have another tool of influence on competitors.

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