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Apple plans to invest billions of dollars into the film industry and the creation of its own TV show

In January of this year, it was reported on Apple’s plans to enter the market of production of films and television series: the company was engaged in talks with the producers and top executives of Hollywood studios. It was rumored that the company even does not exclude the possibility to buy the Hollywood Studio.

The goal of Apple is to market the production of TV series and movies that will be available for viewing by users of Apple Music service, subscription to which costs $10 a month. According to the newspaper NYPost, senior Vice President of Apple’s online services eddy cue referred to some of the most successful television and film producers of Hollywood for the last couple of weeks with a proposal to work in Cupertino. The representative of the Corporation has discussed with top managers of TV stations and TV networks of their potential transition in Cupertino to promote content.

Also Apple was in talks with Sony and Paramount. During the negotiations the management of the Corporation expressed hope that the company can start running its own TV series by the end of 2017. Apple also has plans to create feature films, but the priority is the creation of the series.

By running the content production Apple is planning to speed up the slowing growth of sales of their devices. Collaboration with Hollywood can also help the Corporation to strengthen positions in the market of streaming music apps to catch up with rival Apple Music — Spotify. Apple Music and Spotify in many ways similar, both services are available tens of millions of the same songs.

Apple Music already available in several documentaries about the lives of famous musicians, but it has not given a significant competitive advantage. The iPhone maker hopes that the appearance of the original TV series and movies on the service will be able to change the balance of power in the market in favor of Apple Music.

Anyway, a lot of rumors related to this subject, is sufficiently great to ignore. The more so Apple will still need to enter new markets and to occupy new niches.

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