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The police used a photograph of fingerprints from WhatsApp to identify the suspect

The police of different countries have learned to use mobile phones in the fight against crime. This time militiamen managed to identify the suspect on photos hands saved in WhatsApp.

According to the BBC, the Welsh police got a smartphone during a search of the house where presumably lived a drug dealer. After examining the contents of the device in correspondence to WhatsApp has been found images, which the drug dealer offered his goods. The photo wasn’t the face of the suspect, only with different pills.

Police were able to identify from photos only a partial fingerprint, and this was not enough for comparisons to the state fingerprint database. However, the partial fingerprint is enough to associate a suspect with a dozen other similar cases of drug dealing.

According to the police, fingerprint recognition on the photo is a very uncommon procedure, but in some cases helps to identify the perpetrator even if other clues there. At the same time, social networks have become an important source of information when investigating crimes. The police say that criminals often leave evidence in the correspondence in messengers and social networks, without hesitation, as to facilitate the work of the security services.

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