Apple is working on sensors to find things. In iOS 13 there is confirmation of this

I really expected that on September 10 Apple Tag sensors will be shown to find things. And I know that you can buy the same from other manufacturers, but the ecosystem dictates. I want to put a small pill in my wallet and not be afraid to lose it, and in the morning do not spend 10 minutes searching.

I hope that at the October presentation they will show the device and it will cost up to $ 50. Work on the sensor is definitely underway: MacRumors has received exclusive screenshots of the hidden Items tab in the Locator application.

Photo: MacRumors

The function is hidden for all users, including beta testers. In “Items” your devices will be displayed on the map. Through the same tab, labels will be added.

If someone finds your Apple Tag, they will be able to view the contact information and contact you, and you will immediately receive a notification that such a user has found your device.

Photo: MacRumors

Also, if you are looking for a device in an apartment, then with the new iPhone 11 it will be much easier to do this: thanks to the UWB sensor, the search radius is reduced to 5-30 centimeters. They didn’t talk about this at the presentation of new smartphones, but it was definitely mentioned at the presentation of the Apple Tag.

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