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The overview of the new features of the Apple Watch in watchOS 2 [video]

Smart watch Apple Watch, according to analysts, has sold nearly 7 million copies. It is more than sales of any other manufacturer for that period of time. But this does not mean that “Apple” product surpasses all of its competitors.

For example, one of the most controversial features of the hours — the lack of native applications. That is, while there is not a single program that works directly on the Apple Watch. All third party software is processed on the phone and the watch are the only external control module and data display. But during the announcement, Apple promised that its own apps for the watch will appear in the future.

At the presentation WWDC 2015 Apple announced the new operating system watchOS 2, and SDK for hours with the ability for developers to create native device application. In particular, they will get access to all sensors, sensors hours and even digital wheel Digital Crown.

Platform watchOS OS 2.0 includes three new variants of design of the dial, including the ability to set as a background image, any image or membrane, the function of Time Travel to view upcoming events and forecast weather using a Digital Crown, a special night mode work hours, support for multiple colors to create sketches using the function wheel and the ability to bring users to your favorites from the primary partition. Another important feature of watchOS 2 is to support the security function Activation Lock protecting the device from theft.

With the release of the final version of watchOS 2 users will be able to respond to emails directly from the watch, and view on your device screen videos. The usefulness of the latest “innovations”, given the size and display format, it is highly questionable, but in certain circumstances you may have.

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Update watchOS 2 will be available for everyone only in the late autumn. But developers can start creating native applications now.

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