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The OnePlus confirmed the “jelly effect” of the screen OnePlus 5, but do not recognize this as a problem

A week passed after the release of “killer” the flagship OnePlus 5, and users began to report the first technical problems. The most common complaints of steel of the complaints on the wireless network Wi-Fi and your smartphone display. And if the first problem can be fixed by a software update to OxygenOS, the second, most likely, will remain on the users ‘ devices.

Owners of OnePlus 5 detects a defect of the screen, which is called “jelly”. It works when scrolling the screen when the image seemed to float and stretched, Recalling the effect of the picture under water. After a few moments everything returns to normal.

OnePlus was quick to comment on the inquiries, stating that it uses in its gadgets only high quality components. The “jelly” effect the company calls “natural.”

Users found out that it really is. The appearance of this effect is quite natural – the displays in OnePlus 5 installed upside down. And we are not talking about a mistake of the developers, and design solution. The operating system code confirms this. It has been found to fragment, which tells the screen controller to rotate the image by 180°. Disassembly 5 OnePlus confirmed that the required orientation of the display.

In other words, the owners of OnePlus 5 can not expect to fix the problem. Users who are not satisfied with the display, it remains only to return the smartphone to the manufacturer.

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