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Found a way to bypass the lock stock iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 beta [video]

IOS users 11 beta found a way to bypass the lock function activated the Apple. Technology called Activation Lock works on iPhone and iPad, blocking lost or stolen devices to unauthorized persons.

The method demonstrated in the video, EverythingApplePro, is associated with the vulnerability of the initial screen settings in iOS 11. We are talking about the test version of the operating system.

After a reset of the OS to iPhone and iPad users are encouraged to configure the gadget, “as new” – choose the system language, region, etc. At this stage it is necessary to activate the voice prompts triple click of the Home button. Further, repeating many times the swipe from the bottom edge of the screen to trigger the dock on the iPad or the multitasking panel on your iPhone. Thus, it is possible to use some apps on the lock screen: to watch a video on YouTube, send messages iMessage, open websites in Safari, view contacts, use the file Manager “Files”.

Function Activation Lock introduced in iOS 7. It allows users to restrict unauthorized access to the contents of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in case of theft or loss. The trick with bypass protection works in iOS 11 beta 1 and beta 2 on iPad and iOS 11 beta 1 on the iPhone.

The author of the video confirmed that iOS 11 working the previous way to access the functions of the iPhone and iPad activation lock bypass. To do this, on the start screen to connect to a wireless network, specifying one of the DNS servers: for Europe and for the United States.

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