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8 iOS 11, which is not enough for Android users

Eternal holivar between the followers of iOS and Android, apparently, never stops. Some users advocate the stability and security of the Apple platform, others for the flexibility and openness of architecture of the second, and each tends to defend their point of view.

For many, the main argument in favor of the operating system of Google has always been the lack of function in iOS. However, in iOS 11 implemented a number of features not available to users of the Google OS, including the latest Android O 8.0.

MacDigger offers eight features of iOS 11, which can only dream of, users of devices on Android.

1. Drag and drop files between applications

This year, Apple has optimized the software platform for iPad, adding the ability to drag and drop files across operating systems. On iPhone this feature works only with applications.

2. Built-in record screen

This innovation came as a surprise to many iPhone and iPad users. Previously Apple had banned third-party apps to record the screen in the App Store, but suddenly added this feature in iOS 11. Technology is extremely easy – just open control center and press the button.

3. The ability to easily share your Wi-Fi password

In the modern world people spend most of the time on the Internet. Coming to visit, we often connect to Wi-Fi. A new feature in iOS 11 allows you to simplify this process. Now you should tell the guests the name of the network and confirm the connection with another iOS device. On “guest” gadget will automatically be sent the password of the Wi-Fi.

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4. Sync messages

Apple has long offered the application iMessage on all devices, but full synchronization messages through iCloud will only appear in iOS 11. This means that the message history will be updated on all devices, including iPhone, iPod, and Mac running macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

5. Money transfers between users

Rumors about this have been circulating for a long time, and the company confirmed the new feature during the event WWDC 2017. Users can now make money transfers via iMessage to Apple Pay users. Instant P2P payments without additional services – a big step forward.

6. Translation in real-time using Siri

With Siri now you can instantly translate English to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. This does not require any additional software, enough to run Siri and ask her to translate the phrase.

7. Easy setup of new devices

In iOS 11 do not have to reconfigure the new iPhone. Simply connect it to the old iOS or macOS device and all your personal settings and passwords will be imported via iCloud.

8. The spam filter

The company has released an API that allows developers to create solutions to filter incoming text and multimedia messages. While this feature does not work for calls, but it allows you to prevent the spread fraudulent messages, and thus to increase the security of the device.

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