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Which iPhone was the most successful?

Among connoisseurs of Apple products is the most favorite model of the iPhone. They have investors with Wall Street, evaluating the market effects after the release of each new smartphone the “Apple” brand.

Preferences of analysts is not based on design or features of the device, and the financial effect. For 10 years, some of the iPhone helped to significantly increase sales or have contributed to the growth of securities of the manufacturer.

The only thing converge and Apple fans and investors is that the iPhone 4s, released in October 2011, was one of the best. First, it fixes the antenna issue. And secondly, she lifted Apple shares. In anticipation of the release of iPhone 4s the company’s securities rose by 28% in six months, says the On the day of release they fell by 3%, but over the next six months gained 36%. And for the year the total yield was 69%.

And oddly enough, the iPhone 4s in the ranking of the smartphones, only the second result. The best was the very first model that debuted in 2007. A year after its release the shares of the Corporation increased by 119%, which is the best result for all time.

The worst was the iPhone 5, which was released in 2012 — despite the fact that the model of this generation has become much thinner and lighter compared to its predecessors and for the first time received a 4-inch screen (instead of 3.5). In anticipation of the release of Apple shares rose 11% in six months. On the day of the presentation of the growth was 1%. But the model has not become as profitable as the previous one, so in the next six months the paper Apple fell by 43%. During the year they fell 36%.

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