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The Ministry of communications purchased computers Russian processors “Elbrus” on 80 million roubles

The Ministry of communications decided on by the supplier and the contract price relative to the “hardware” for passport-visa documents of new generation. The company “Elbrus-2000” will supply equipment on the basis of processors “Elbrus-4C” in the amount of 80 million rubles.

The Ministry of communications will utilize the state system of manufacturing, registration and control passport-visa documents of computers for domestic processors “Elbrus”, paying 80,9 mln. In ended last week the tender for the supply of this “iron” with the starting price of the contract at 82.2 million rubles, the winner was the company “Elbrus-2000”.

According to Cnews, in the tender documents no direct reference to the Elbrus processors, however, in favor of the version about what they will build servers and automated work places (AWP) for the said several facts.

In the terms of reference of the Ministry of communications has a section “the relevance of delivery of the goods” with reference to a policy of import substitution. In the section on specific requirements to processors, the need to use the chips “architecture is VLIW with an explicit concurrency control teams.” With such a family includes solutions from Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, Transmeta, Tilera and Dutch Philips. “The sanctions net” against this background, can only be considered Russian family processors “Elbrus”, developed by MCST and the Institute of electronic control machines them. I. S. Bruk.

The tender winner company “Elbrus-2000” — database to the and “Circuit.focus”, with both of these organizations is linked through its former shareholders.

Specified in the TOR case marked “1600L HFCBGA” have the processors “Elbrus-4C”. “Yes, indeed, planned that the servers and workstation are on the processors “Elbrus-4C”,” confirmed the representative of the “Elbrus-2000” Sergey royko.

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“Elbrus-4C” is a 64 — bit universal microprocessor. It contains 4 cores running at 800 MHz, supports three channels of DDR3-1600. It also supports combining up to four chips in a multiprocessor system with shared memory. The processor is manufactured with technology to 65 nanometers, the average power consumption is 45 Watts.

For one clock cycle that each CPU core can perform 23 operations. The underlying operating system processor is OS “Elbrus”, built on the basis of Linux kernel version 2.6.33. It includes a package Manager and more than 3 thousand software packages from the distribution Debian 5.0.

There is a complete set of developer tools, which includes optimizing compilers for high-level languages “C”, “C++”, “Fortran-77 and Fortran-90”, a debugger, a Profiler, and a library of mathematical functions and signal processing.

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