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Everything you need to know about tags in iOS 11

One of the most useful innovations of iOS 11 are tags in the Files, similar to what is in the Finder on the Mac. Now mobile device users can bookmark documents to simplify and streamline data storage.

Tags are used to quickly access the information related to the same project, regardless of where it is stored. If on a Mac and iOS device to create the same label, to work with documents using iCloud Drive will be much easier.

Files iOS apps are stored in separate folders, and programs can’t access documents outside of the selected directory. That is, the application is not able to find the file if you move it somewhere on your own.

The use of labels will help to find information quickly, without disturbing the structure of the storage system.

Add tags to the document in iOS 11 is quite simple. To do this, simply open the Files app, and then press and hold the selected object, while above him appears a black pop-up menu, similar to bubble. Scrolling to the right, you can see the Tags tab, and select the desired label or create a new one. The main thing is not to make a mistake when choosing the color, because in iOS you cannot change the color of the tag after creation.

The list of labels can be viewed in the sidebar of the Files. By clicking on a tag, you can see all the files and organize them.

Label, added iCloud Drive will sync with files on mobile devices and computers. However, documents stored in folders “On this iPad” and “On this iPhone”, will remain unchanged, as the files marked with its own area of application.

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Some applications like Google Disk or Dropbox, are present in the “Files”. But if any document in the private section of these programs, it will be impossible to find using the appropriate label from a list of common labels.


Change the name tag in the Files on your iOS device.

To change the color of the label will need the Mac. You need to go to Finder =>Preferences and make the necessary changes.

Tags — a useful tool that, unfortunately, is not used in iOS to full capacity. The user’s ability is limited not only by the color change, but also the fact that labels cannot be assigned to letters, notes, or saved web pages.

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