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Full Throttle Remastered – rock, leather jackets and nostalgia

Great uncompromising quest about Ben, the leader of the motorcycle gang “the Polecats”, was released over twenty years ago, but still looks good – at least, in a remastered form on PC and consoles. Now turn, finally, to iOS in the regiment of reissues of wonderful games LucasArts has arrived.

You probably know the story, even if you were born after Full Throttle – because about this game everyone knows. However, suppose that the last quarter of a century spent in suspended animation, and now it was released and not understand what is happening. The game starts with the core of the conflict: the head of the Corporation that produces motorcycles (the last one in the country!), asks Ben to escort him to the exit of shareholders. Biker blowing cheeks: not the concepts of careless riders to work at the Beck and call of dusty business. The matter would be resolved peacefully, if not an assistant to the head of the Corporation, he recalls Ben’s aside, cut, unshaven, and goes back to the bar to the other riders saying that it’s all right, your leader gave the nod. Ben wakes up, and rushes in pursuit of revenge and to fix a fashion mistake.

In the mid-90s, hardly anyone would have thought to call Full Throttle difficult game, but now times have changed and any more or less confusing quest causes frustration. Here is the same thing: periodically, you will wander in the three rooms, wondering how to connect the switch, circuit breaker, fuel and lubricant and other seemingly unrelated things. However, to attend to the problem of helpful; in an extreme case, look for the passage, written twenty years ago. But the clumsy action-the moments looking in Google doesn’t solve, so get ready for broken fingers and generate megatons of righteous anger.

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In itself, the reissue came out good. On the forums you will find some crazy complaints about scaling and overlaying sprites on top of objects, but never mind – on the graphics did a good job. Invited, for example, the artist of the original Full Throttle, so he retouched the picture. There was lots of work: it is necessary not only to change the sprites, but also some three-dimensional models – the game was made at the junction of advanced technology.

In the end it was great: and in the spirit of the original, without jumping out of the screen pixels. Sam Shafer, like, happy – like, do you remember the game as an animated movie, so we tried to do. If someone strongly principled, honors the spirit of the old school, nothing prevents to include the original render (and be terrified).

In addition, added great comments of the developers, and re-recorded sound. Want to know what I thought of the Immortals, when 22 years ago made the game? Interesting to see the art concept and is not included in Full Throttle? All of that is here; interesting details for fans.

Will cost you 379 rubles. In “the incentive” you can get cheaper, but I think you would have done it if you wanted. However, a small warning: there may be an acute attack of nostalgia, in which you have a week will be a bomb of a social network with speech “before, it was better.” Although, it probably is – in relation to quests for sure.

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