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The “life test”: the iPhone 7 Plus is two times faster than the Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 finally officially presented. Choosing between the two competitors, the Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7, users are wondering which of these gadgets faster. The author of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro decided to do some tests on the main flagships on the market to answer this question.

New from Samsung is working on an 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 with a frequency of 2.35 GHz, while the iPhone 7 Plus equipped with a proprietary Apple chip A10 with 4 cores running at a clock frequency of 2.35 GHz. The real test is to run different applications and load them from memory, which regularly makes each user. To estimate the time on each device was launched a stopwatch which recorded the total time spent by vehicles on the execution of a set of identical tasks.

At first, the iPhone 7 Plus is much ahead, largely due to accelerated animations in iOS 10.3. Galaxy S8 caught up with the competitor to the middle of the test, but when it came to games again behind. The latter was to export the video in 4K, what iPhone did a whole lot quicker. The final result of the iPhone 7 in the first round – 3 minutes, 38 seconds Galaxy S8 – 7 minutes, 35 seconds.

In the second round of applications opened again from memory. As it turned out, almost all app Galaxy S8 had to re-load, while the iPhone 7 instantly opened the task from the RAM. The author of the experiment suggests that this is due to export a video that spends a lot of resources. On the other hand the iPhone 7 Plus is available in 3 GB, while the Galaxy S8 – 4 GB of RAM. Re-launch apps on iPhone took about 47 seconds, and Galaxy S8 – almost 2 minutes.

Such a comparison is more close to reality than run many synthetic benchmarks. Apple and Samsung seek to equip their smartphones, the main most top-end hardware to optimize the software for better performance. Galaxy S8 is still quite “fresh” and theoretically it could affect performance.

Followed by test download speed of smartphones, which is a considerable margin won iPhone. Although, in fairness, to restart phone is necessary not too often. The speed of opening web pages in the standard browser on the iPhone is also came out the winner, but the gap between Galaxy S8 was insignificant.

As for the synthetic tests, in test mode all the cores of Galaxy S8 was ahead with a score of 5929 points, while the iPhone indicator made 5917 points. In single-core mode an unconditional victory for the iPhone 7 Plus – 3478 points against 1846. The performance of processors in single-core mode – an important indicator, as many mobile apps work with one core.

In the benchmark AnTuTu Galaxy S8 bypassed Apple smartphone typing 163734 points. The iPhone 7 Plus result amounted to 160 262.

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