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Apple was accused of distributing via iTunes banned in Russia as a Chechen jihadist songs

Apple through the corporate services and Apple iTunes Music distributes audio recordings of Chechen by Timur Mutsurayev, included in the Federal list of extremist materials. It is reported Lenta referring to a Twitter user.

Songs available to listen and download in iTunes. The cost of each of them is 15 rubles.

At least one of these songs was recognized as extremist by the decision of the Yurginsky municipal court of the Kemerovo region.

Timur mucuraev Chechen singer-songwriter, whose work on Islam, Jihad and the Chechen conflict. Since the end of 1994, he participated in the First Chechen war on the side of the separatists. In 2010, 20 tracks Mutsurayev was included in the Federal list of extremist materials.

In March 2016 resident of Tomsk was fined for distributing songs Mutsurayev in the social network “Vkontakte”. The Lenin district court of the city attracted him to administrative responsibility, he was sentenced to a fine. Illegally common information has been removed.

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