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Enthusiasts have tested the Samsung Galaxy S8 iPhone 7 and under water [video]

Current flagship smartphone of Apple is protected from prolonged exposure to water. iPhone 7 even cooked in boiling water and with this test he went out a winner. The YouTube channel EverythingApplePro decided to find out whether the spill-proof Galaxy S8 to “sit out” red iPhone 7 in water.

Apple says its flagship protected from water standard IPX7, which provides short-term immersion without consequences to a depth of 1 meter for no more than 30 minutes. This is enough to get the iPhone 7 with you to the shower, but swim with him in the pool still not worth it. For the South Korean flagship claimed a higher degree of water protection IPX8, which provides the opportunity for a longer dive to a depth of 1 meter.

Both smartphones first put him in the bathtub with water, and then into the pipe to a depth of meters, periodically removed and tested their performance. If the first test iPhone 7 passed without problems, the second was devastating for him. After 15 minutes of being at the depth of the screen worked but the Home button was refused, and the testers literally had jets to squeeze the water out of the device.

Samsung Galaxy S8 came out the winner. The author of the experiment suggested that the problem of water resistance may be the new red iPhone 7, as previously the flagship Apple without problems passed such tests.

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