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The ISIL terrorists called iMessage the best messenger in the market

According to the head of the FBI, encryption of electronic communications, which uses ISIS, baffled American intelligence agencies. The militants with the preparation of terrorist acts used by closed end-to-end encryption, allowing secure data transfer. As the experts found out, to exchange messages, the militants are actively using the messenger Apple.

The staff of the military Academy at West point found on one of the forums the ISIS leadership to ensure the secrecy of the action. Upon closer inspection, a 34-page document contains references to brand chat iMessage for iPhone and iPad.

Special revelations manual does not detect: it is recommended to use complex passwords, not opening unknown links, not to use the social network Facebook, and numerous tools for communication on the Internet to choose iMessage and FaceTime, as “the best solutions to the mass market”.

The head of the FBI James Comey, speaking at a conference on cybersecurity in new York, said that the terrorists of the ISIL encryption put the FBI in a dead end. He believes in the need to provide law enforcement access to personal correspondence of citizens.

The FBI tracked the Twitter activity of terrorists to recruit and viewed personal correspondence militants loyal to the users, received a court order. However, when the command of ISIS was convinced of the readiness of recruits to go to their death for the idea, all further negotiations were continued with the encrypted services, said Komi.

The FBI did not specify whether they used encrypted communications to plan and coordinate the activities of the militants during the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. However, at the conference the tragedy was actively discussed by police officers from USA, UK and France. The head of the American secret services resulted in the impossibility of decryption used by terrorists encryption as an example, confirming the need to provide American IT-corporations access to communications.

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In addition to iMessage a potential messenger for the communication of terrorists experts call Telegram. Last this week blocked 78 channels of ISIL.

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