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The iPhone app allows you to find the best point of sale currency

It often happens that in the road to withdraw cash or to go to the Bank branch. It is important to find institution that will allow you maximize on the services. The application “exchange rates Russian banks” allows you to find and build a route to the nearest financial institution.

The advantage of the app is the ability to search, where to exchange currency at a favorable rate. The application shows the offices on the map with the most favorable applications in the city. Having defined the course, you can open the card of the company, dealing with foreign currency, time and location, the actual rate and build an itinerary of travel. This is enough to make profitable the operation and with dollars and euros. Here is a quick currency Converter.

In addition to the nearest branches of the banks where to change money, the app shows a graph of the change in the market value of the ruble against the dollar and the Euro for 1 day, 5 days, month, months, year and all time.

It should be noted that the ruble began 2016 minor strengthening. Dollar on the Moscow exchange at 10:46 Moscow cost 73 rubles 18 kopecks, Euro 79 rubles 88 kopecks. Support the Russian currency has had a growing oil prices. Oil from the morning traded at $37,9 per barrel mark Brent, but then the price dropped to $37,3, pulling down the ruble. At the moment the dollar is worth 73.4 per ruble, Euro – ruble 80.2.

The application “exchange rates Russian banks” is distributed free of charge. Pro-version without advertising is 59 rubles.

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