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MacOS 10.14 may appear dark mode

In the evaluation version of WebKit was found mention of the system of the dark mode in macOS 10.14. This was reported by 9to5Mac.

The updated code was discovered in the new version of WebKit, which was released in March of 2018. The WebKit engine used in Safari on iOS and macOS. The code is intended to customise the website based on its appearance.

This is not the first attempt by Apple to add dark mode in the system. Starting with macOS Yosemite, you can activate the dark theme, but it is not always used in third-party applications. In the code macOS Sierra was found the mention of the dark mode for system apps, but Apple has not included this feature in the release.

The presence of this code does not mean that Apple will add a dark mode in macOS 10.14. But this is another confirmation that the company is working in this direction.

In the updated WebKit was also found mention of iOS development 12 for the iPhone 5S. Check all the rumors will be June 4, when Apple will show iOS and macOS 12 10.14.

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