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The head of Yota Devices: YotaPhone 2 is sold in Russia is better than iPhone

According to Yota Devices CEO Vladislav Martynov, the smartphone YotaPhone 2 in Russia are sold better than the iPhone. According to a top Manager, since December of last year, the Russian company sold approximately 30,000 corporate communicators, while the iPhone 5s sold in the amount of 20 000 units.

Young Russian company in the market recently, but has already managed to “light up” in the world media, including through the co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak. As told Martynov, meeting him was an extremely valuable experience at the stage of formation and initial development of Yota Devices. Especially he was inspired by the enthusiasm with which Wozniak took a novelty.

“Brilliant idea! How didn’t I think of that?! Well, you fellows! As you develop patented? And with Apple talking?”, — says the head of the company, the words Wozniak.

In addition, Who became one of the first beta testers of the YotaPhone 2 and gave valuable advice on the development of the project. Development of a second smartphone took about a year and was conducted in six offices, notes Mobiltelefon. The majority of engineers, technologists and designers working in Moscow, and the rest in Finland. And Martynov appreciates Finnish team, which consists of former employees of Nokia.

“I remember when I literally stumbled upon these guys at one of the bars of the small Finnish town of Oulu, located above the Arctic circle. Nokia just closed there own R&D center, and the guys were pretty upset. When I told them about the YotaPhone and invited to join the project — they did not hesitate even for a minute,” said Martynov.

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Martynov reminded the sales statistics of the YotaPhone 2 in Russia. Answering the question about the popularity of the device, he noted that since December of last year the company sold about 30,000 units, while the results for the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy smartphones, according to a report by GFK in January was 20 400 000 and 16, respectively. It is noteworthy that the CEO compared the YotaPhone 2 over a period of 4 months with the sales of your competitors in one month. In this case, it was not about the most top-end devices. In particular, the launch of the YotaPhone 2 in the market were already iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Whatever it was, 30 000 units sold is quite a good indicator for a young brand with an innovative device that is not fully counterparts. For example, the first smartphone with a curved display Samsung Galaxy Round has sold only about 10,000 copies.

Previously Martynov explained why Yota Devices can be considered Russian, and YotaPhone – domestic development. As he put it, if Nokia called the Finnish manufacturer, and his company can rightfully be called Russian.

In Russia, the YotaPhone second generation sold at a price of 40 000 and 43 000 rubles for black and white models, respectively.

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