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“The future of television”: in new ad, Apple showed the most popular apps for Apple TV [video]

Apple does not get tired to move your gadgets, updating a series of promotional videos. This time we have reached the fourth generation Apple TV.

New set-top box has received many new features compared to its predecessor. Now this is not just an adapter between homemade movies, a memory of a computer or iPhone with the iPad, and large screen TV as it used to be. Apple TV 4 – it is a full multimedia center that provides access to thousands of movies, millions of songs and tons of games and apps.

In new ad, Apple has drawn the attention of potential buyers on apps for the new Apple TV. The company emphasizes that the device gives new meaning to the TV and makes quite a different look on the traditional TV set.

New promo-video from Apple called “the Future of television is apps.” “Your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and more on Apple TV. The future of television – app”, – is spoken in the video description.

“TV is an important part of our lives. We gather in front of the screen with family or friends, watch movies, sports and shows. But recently we began to notice that the TV seems to have stopped development and is going through hard times. At an inflection point. It became obvious that the future of television is apps. They appear on our screens more and more often. We decided to go a step further and created a new platform — the operating system tvOS, allowing a completely new way to interact with TV. It Apple TV new generation, the next stage of development of television”.

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The video shows Apple apps top 10 App Store for tvOS: Netflix, Crossy Road, Asphalt 8, Edition Disney Infinity 3.0: Star Wars, Gilt, ShowTime, Fox Now, HBO and others Now. In the Apple are confident that the Apple TV in its current form is the next stage in the development of television. TV receiver should be as a personal device, like an iPhone or iPad.

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