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Expected revenue from the Apple Pokemon Go will be $3 billion

Apple in the next year or two could increase revenues by $3 billion due to the popular game Pokemon Go. It is reported by the brokerage company Needham & Co.

Pokemon Go downloaded to smartphones for free, the profit Apple gets with built-in purchases, analysts said. The game is really free, but iPhone users can purchase so-called PokeCoins to buy extension of the game. Package of 100 PokeCoins is 99 cents in the App Store, and the cost 14500 PokeCoins is $99,99.

“Apple receives 30% income from Pokemon Go from iOS, which suggests the potential for revenue growth”, – quotes Reuters analyst Needham & Co Laura a Martin.

Analyst Needham&Co’s Laura Martin added that the number of users who spend money on additional bonuses far exceeds the number of those who spent money on the game Candy Crush. It attracted $1 billion in 2013 and 2014. Also the release of Pokemon Go impact on additional sales of charging devices for gadgets.

The games for iOS and Android was released on June 6. A free app based on the technology of “augmented reality” aims to catch pokemon. The game was forced to take to the streets, parks, beaches, millions of people, completely absorbed by this process.

According to sources, as of July 18, in the U.S. only Pokemon Go downloaded 21 million users. In Russia, users are still waiting for the official release of the project, but the Federation Council is already discussing the possibility of drafting a bill about the limitations of the game Pokemon Go.

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