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Google paid Apple $1 billion for the right to be the default search engine on iOS devices

In 2014, Google paid $1 billion to Apple to remain the default search engine on iOS devices. Figure that the Internet giant still does not want to make public, became known during the litigation.

The company was sold in 2014 to its rival Apple $1 billion for the right to stay the default search engine on its devices. This amount is contained in the transcript of the court session on the suit on protection of copyrights, filed by Oracle Corp. against Google. According to the Agency, data on the amount of money Google pays Apple, announced to the court the Oracle lawyer Annette Hurst.

Rumors about how much Google is paying Apple to remain the default search engine on iPhone, go to for many years, but the company never released that amount.

The lawyer also told the court that the search system has an agreement with Apple under which Apple gets a percentage of the revenue Google, which she receives via Apple devices. According to her, “at one point in time a percentage of revenue was 34%”. However, from the transcript remains unclear, it is the share that Google has kept for himself or paid to Apple.

Google objected that the confidential information agreements from Apple became available to the public. The company was asked to edit the transcript, citing the fact that the disclosure of such information can greatly affect the ability to negotiate in the future with other companies. Apple has supported the request of Google, the Agency said.

Representatives for Apple and Google refused to comment on the Agency information, disclosed during a court session.

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