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The final version of watch OS 3.1.3 and tvOS 10.1.1 is available for download

Monday with iOS 10.2.1, Apple has issued cumulative updates for smart watches Apple Watch and Apple TV set-top box. Download update watch OS 3.1.3 and tvOS 10.1.1.

watch OS 3.1.3 for the Apple Watch

watch OS 3.1.3 is a minor update. The update is technical and corrects errors major release. “Smart” hours will support Emoji characters from Unicode 9.0. In addition to animals and products in the set of icons presented new gestures, including “facepalm”, fingers crossed, selfie, and also half a dozen images representing the profession.

Previous update watch OS 3.1.1, we recall, was released on December 13. After a few hours the update has been withdrawn by Apple due to numerous complaints about the failure of “smart” hours. We are talking about an internal failure of the firmware which affects the performance of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Users of the Apple Watch watch OS after installing 3.1.1 on the clock screen appeared an icon with an exclamation mark and a link to the Apple support website. In this case, as found by many users, now they have to send the Chrono back to Apple since retail shops may not be able to fix the problem.

The final version of watch OS 3.1.3 became available to users on Monday, October 24. To install the update you need to access the iPhone Clock app –> General –> software Update.

tvOS 10.1.1 for Apple TV

As for tvOS 10.1.1, this is a maintenance update for the main release, released for Apple TV the fourth generation. The main innovation of version 10.1 has become a single logon. Now the users of your gadget can access all of your subscriptions to video services and pay-TV channels only once by entering your credentials. tvOS 10.1.1 fixes the bugs and improves the basic functions of the OS.

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Install tvOS 10 right now, going into the settings of your operating system. The final version of the OS can load all the users of Apple TV fourth generation.

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