Apple will make a genius of Siri

Siri is one of the most popular voice assistants. Alas, the "apple" assistant is not considered the smartest. On the contrary. Competitor solutions are much more efficient.

Apple has figured out how to make a genius out of SiriImage from

However, Apple developers are not sitting idle. Siri is constantly improving. It became known about the introduction of the new "Overton" framework.

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This tool improves machine learning. Siri learns independently – thanks to special algorithms. The system is trying to literally "understand" the question.

Overton takes over the entire low-level routine. The foregoing unleashes the hands of programmers, they focus only on important tasks.

Apple has figured out how to make a genius out of SiriImage from

Siri now recognizes phrases like "How tall is the president of the United States?" And, of course, gives the correct answer. Then it will be cooler.

Apple's preoccupation with machine learning is pleasing. The efforts of the corporation are bearing fruit. It's not just about Siri. Think of iOS 13, which finds cats and dogs in the photo.

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