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The FBI has officially acknowledged that can’t crack the iPhone 5s and newer iPhone models

About the confrontation between Apple and the US government MacDigger wrote several times already. The situation, as you know, concluded that the claim against the Corporation was revoked due to the fact that state structures have managed to hack the iPhone without the help of its creators.

This whole situation looks strange, since there were suspicions of involvement in the Apple to such an outcome. Whatever it was, it is reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has officially acknowledged that the method that was hacked iPhone 5c arrow from San Bernardino, is not relevant for newer models.

“According to the Director of the FBI, purchased tools for hacking only work with “a limited list of phones”, which does not include the latest models, including iPhone 5s,” wrote CNN, which managed to talk with James Roots.

In the hands of users around 950 million iPhones. If the security services really without the help of Apple can access your iPhone 5c, bypassing the protection, the Cupertino giant is simply obliged to release the update publicly assured its customers that it will ensure the protection of personal data of each gadget.

Any information regarding the application method of hacking the FBI for other iPhone don’t have. It is believed that data about the method, which has been used by intelligence agencies, will be revealed after the leak. Then Apple will be able to create a defense that will make unavailable the information recorded on an iPhone, for all except the owner. In addition, the method of hacking the FBI may be published by court order.

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Earlier, representatives of the FBI said that the case in San Bernardino is the only one which managed to successfully use the technology, despite the recent request of the police of Arkansas to help in unlocking iPhone and iPod, which is material evidence in a murder investigation.

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