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The experts at Consumer Reports called Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+ of the “best smartphones”

New models Samsung – Galaxy Galaxy S8 and S8+ – has been quite successful. The independent experts of the American magazine Consumer Reports, who studied South Korean news, called them the best smartphones on the market. In their own rating company Galaxy S8+ was in the first place, and Galaxy S8 on the second. iPhone 7 Plus has taken only the fifth place, behind the Galaxy S7 and LG edge G6.

A monthly magazine, produced by nonprofit organization consumers Union of United States, praised for Galaxy S8 compact battery and a quality camera. The device showed good result in tests for battery life, the quality of shooting photos and videos. At the same time, despite the frameless design of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ cannot be called the most ergonomic smartphones.

“Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ look very modern and elegant thanks to the larger screen in the housing of standard size. Although S8 is quite comfortable in the hand, for many operations require two hands. Even in the case of compact models, most users will be difficult to reach with your thumb to the edge of the screen,” – said the journalists.

There were many questions regarding the fingerprint scanner located on the back side of the smartphone. During testing the experts “repeatedly tried to grope his finger and often got in the camera lens”. The latter, according to experts, demonstrates the high quality of shooting photos and videos.

“A few high-end smartphones, including the iPhone 7 Plus and LG G6 is equipped with dual primary camera to use a zoom function or wide angle photography. The Samsung phones do not have these functions, but we don’t think it is a big disadvantage S8”, – added in Consumer Reports.

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Experts Consumer Reports regularly publishes reviews of various consumer goods and services based on its own testing. The journal said that they do not publish promotional materials and pay all test their gadgets without taking any samples for testing and maintaining independence of judgment.

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