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Chinese ordered in the social network iPhone 6s for $230 and got a pancake

Very often profitable at first glance, the offer is not actually. A Chinese man named Howe ordered on the Internet cheap iPhone 6s, but the package found a pancake instead of a smartphone.

Another victim of the Scam became a resident of one of the Chinese cities. After seeing the social network, the announcement of the sale of iPhone 6s in just 1500 yuan (about $230), the first man doubted his quality. After all, the approximate cost of “Apple” flagship in China 6,000 yuan (about $920). He asked the seller if there is a catch. He assured that the smuggled iPhone, so is inexpensive.

Not resist such an advantageous offer, Howe agreed and transferred the money. The parcel with the purchase delivered the next day. Opening it, a Chinese man was shocked to find inside a smartphone, and traditional Chinese pancake.

Further attempts HOU to contact with the seller of the gadget by about a refund were unsuccessful. One consolation is that unlike girls, who bought an iPhone with a pear for $1300, Ho lost a very small amount of money.

Similar story with the fraud – not the first who wrote about MacDigger. Last year 25-the summer guy from Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan, decided to buy over the Internet iPhone 5s for 4800 rubles. Such attractive price, which was below market several times, has not confused the guy and he contacted the seller. Pay another 600 rubles for delivery, the citizen has received a welcome package in the mail. The joy of shopping is gone when instead of the expected iPhone the victim found a can of chicken pate.

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