The expert accused the US Attorney General of populism for words about Apple’s collusion with Russia & nbsp

Member of the State Duma’s expert council, Yevgeny Lifshits, called U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who was unsupported by facts, accusing Apple of conspiring with authoritarian authorities in Russia and China in response to a reluctance to provide American intelligence with access to user data.
Lifshits compared the scandal to the investigation of “Russian interference” in the US election, during which they unsuccessfully tried to prove Donald Trump’s connection with Moscow.

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When such political figures make such statements, it should be based on facts, confirm it with facts. Otherwise, this cannot be taken seriously. And he refers to rumors and so on – this is definitely unacceptable for civil servants of this rank, said Lifshits in a comment to RIA Novosti.
According to the expert, Barr "has no reason for such arguments, there are no facts."
According to NEWS.ru, the US Attorney General was outraged by Apple’s policy to protect personal data, including from American intelligence agencies. According to Barr, the company has no excuse for linking with "authoritarian regimes."

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