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The developer story about some of the features Apple HomePod

Developer Steve Trouton Smith has studied Apple’s firmware code HomePod and told about some features of smart speakers from Apple. He found that the basis of the HomePod firmware became iOS.

The firmware, codenamed AudioAccessory 1.1, is based on iOS. The control column will be through a special app SpringBoard. HomePod will also support a special ability to control, such as VoiceOver.

HomePod does not support third-party applications, but it is possible that in the future the situation will change. For some unknown reason, the column is defined as iPhone SE. Led panel upstairs can display different icons, for example, weather icons and temperature.

Apple HomePod was announced in early June at WWDC. Users can use the gadget to control gadgets with support for Apple HomeKit and music Apple Music service. The column should go at the end of 2017.

Source: Cult of Mac

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