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The current state of the Apple Park makes a presentation of the new iPad is unlikely [video]

Next month Apple is planning to move to new campus Apple Park, but judging by the last eurovideoart the drone on a construction site have a lot of work.

Many construction crews work in different areas from landscaping to installing solar panels. The building itself looks almost complete. But the whole area around it is a vacant territory, but some of the trees already planted.

Apple announced that the new campus will open in April, but the exact date is not reported. Judging by the amount of unfinished work, this can happen only toward the end of the month. After the opening of Tim cook and another 12 000 employees will work in the new building, which is one of the most environmentally friendly offices in the world.

According to the latest rumors, Apple is planning to introduce new models of the iPad in April. Presentation can be held in the new auditorium name Steve jobs, if work will be completed to the event.

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