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5 ways to add beautiful design of your AirPods

Design wireless headphones AirPods is quite controversial, but the main problem is that your white AirPods look exactly like white AirPods thousands of other people. So it would be nice to personalize your own pair of headphones.

AirPods is a tiny wireless headset is only available in one color, so options to diversify them a bit. MacDigger offers a number of ways that will make your gadget unique.

1. Insulating tape

The easiest way to customize the AirPods will be the usual duct tape. All you will need: a knife, a surface for cutting, a ruler and the tape. Tape with a thickness of 2 cm are ideal for modding AirPods, as the width is practically equal to the length of the legs of the headphones. In other words, you just need a ruler to measure the desired length of tape, carefully cut and stick on the earpiece.

2. RetroPods

The meaning is the same as in the previous method, but you can buy duct tape in all colors of the rainbow and glue stripes on the AirPods in the color of the Apple logo. In principle, it is not necessary to cut the normal strips, you can experiment with different shapes, stars, etc.

As soon as you get bored, you can always remove the tape and return the original AirPods.

3. Slickwraps

The company Slickwraps specializiruetsya in the production of different stickers for mobile devices, and recently the company presented a sticker for AirPods.

The sticker does not cover the earphones completely, only the bottom and rear of the speaker.

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Each wrapper costs about $15. The choice is great, so you can experiment with different designs.

4. ColorWare

ColorWare, a well – known company specialized in providing various well-known gadgets in custom colors.

It was recently announced that for $300 you can buy AirPods in almost any color. The surface of the earphone can be not only glossy, but matte. For an additional $40 experts will dye and even the case.

$300 is the cost of a new headphone, but if you already have AirPods, the cost of the painting will be $160.

“Each product is manually disassembled, all the parts are separated from each other. Then manually apply the base coat of paint. After painting the gadget heats up to dry. Next, apply another layer of paint on standard x2. This special standard for increased scratch resistance. The device heats up again, then polished and sent to the Assembly,” reads the official website ColorWare.

5. BlackPods

BlackPods state that will provide customers themselves AirPods and case in the color Jet Black. Unlike ColorWare, there is available only one color – black.
A new pair of AirPods from BlackPods will cost $250. You can also send to paint your own headphones. For this service I ask $100.

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