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The Creator of the programming language Swift left Tesla after six months of working

In the beginning of the year Chris Lattner, the Creator of the Swift programming language designed to develop applications for iOS and Mac, announced the departure of Apple. His new place of work has become a manufacturer of electric cars Tesla, where he directed the development of new autopilot system. As it became known, Tesla, he stuck around for a while – Latter left his post within six months after starting work.

“As it turned out, Tesla does not suit me. I’m curious to know about the interesting options for experienced technical leader. My resume can be found on the Internet. 7 years of experience working with Swift,” wrote Rattner.

The developer explained the reasons for his decision. The press service of Tesla said that “Chris is just not suitable for Tesla”, so the company decided to make changes in the management structure. The duties of Latter will take on Jim Keller, who heads the Department of development of equipment for the autopilot.

Latter announced the resignation on the same day, when Tesla announced the appointment of Andrew Karpati for the position of head of the division responsible for the development of AI and program the autopilot. Prior to joining Tesla Karpati was a research fellow at the nonprofit organization OpenAI, which deals with the study of AI.

Chris Lattner came to Apple in 2005 after has been developing a service for developers of LLVM. After that, the project was integrated into the Apple system and Latter became involved in the creation of Swift.

The developer left Apple in January of this year. He did not specify why he left the Corporation, noting that “‘ll find a use for his abilities elsewhere”. According to sources, the matter has become increased secrecy at Apple.

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