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56 new emoticons that will appear on your iPhone and iPad in iOS 11

Good news for all fans of mobile chat: organization the Unicode Consortium formally adopted the new version of the Unicode standard 10. In other words, iOS 11 is coming big update emoticons, in particular 56 new Emoji characters as well as new icons Typicon, among which the icon of bitcoin.

In the new operating system for iPhone and iPad users are waiting for 56 new funny smileys. The consortium has reserved a space for new icons, including some fantastic creatures, girls in hijab and women who are breastfeeding.

The smileys was released, not only about people but also on the theme of animals and abstract concepts. Among them: the elves, dinosaurs, zombies, genies, vampires, wizards in female and male versions, socks, flying saucer, the brain, the person with the monocle, “puking face” and others. Also, the set includes icons with climbers, yogis, canned tomatoes in their own juice and steak.

The Commission noted that icons were selected based on common queries on the Internet or the need of their appearance. As you can see, the creators tried to make the most advanced set of symbols, which, in turn, will simplify or eliminate all use of words in correspondence.

An important innovation this year was the emergence of a symbol of bitcoin the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. In 2017 the demand for bitcoins grows. Even viruses ransomware requesting bitcoins as ransom — now hackers will be able to use Emoji.

The Unicode standard appeared in 1991. It consists of two components: the universal character set (to more than one million items) and the system for encoding those characters. Standard constantly adding new Emoji. Thanks to the previous version of the Unicode standard iPhone and Mac appeared “politically correct” Emoji different colors, well, gay emoticons.

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