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The Creator of Cydia Jay Freeman called 5 reasons to jailbreak iPhone

Once a new edition of the iOS hacking community is taken for the development of software solutions for jailbreaking. With their help, users can bypass the security of the mobile platform and install on your iPhone and iPad apps, not admitted to the App store.

What is jailbreak and what the user receives after the liberation from the blend of Apple restrictions? In fact, reasons to be free from “slavery” are some legendary developer of unofficial apps store Cydia Jay Freeman called the five most significant.

1. Jailbreak allows you to personalize the user interface. If you want to change the icons or the font of the operating system is the only way.

3. If you want to get some sort of feature that Apple is in no hurry to implement in the OS, you can’t wait for the sea weather, and access the expertise of the jailbreak community.

4. If you are a developer working on a mobile app, you can conduct high-quality debugging using specialized jailbreak tools.

2. If you have problems with sight or mobility of the hands, jailbreak iPhone allows you to customize the interface in a most convenient way.

5. If you are concerned about the security of their confidential information, you can jailbreak your iPhone and add a number of additional checks.

In dealing with journalists Culf Jay Freeman admitted that he could never work at Apple. According to him, he would not be able to bring good things into the world, if he were in a giant Corporation.

Apple twice contacted the Freeman. “First time with a job offer, the second time – with a 50-page response from the Department of copyright,” said the developer.

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